Chez Les Filles is a team of professional, talented and experienced interior designers. We offer overall interior designs in South Africa. Our home remodeling services include;

Kitchen Design

At Chez Les Filles, we take the interior design tasks a bit different. Our kitchen design revolves around your personal needs and lifestyle. You want a light incorporated, spacious and accessible kitchen. Our designers promise a free-flowing kitchen.

Our kitchen design starts from the floor and ends at the ceiling. We will assist you to choose the most suitable floor for your kitchen. We also install high-quality faucets in fixtures. Tired of your old cabinets? Let’s remodel your kitchen by installing unique cabinets and counter tops. Our comprehensive kitchen remodeling services involve remodeling the entire room; floor, faucets, counter tops, and cabinets.

Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom should be one of your favorite rooms. However, you need a great bathroom design for a calm, relaxing bathroom. Are you worried of your bathroom status? We can transform it to an amazing, luxury bathroom. Our bathroom design and remodeling services include installation of quality faucets, sinks, filtration systems, toilets, bathtubs, and bidets. If you need a roof leak fixed use waterproofing companies in Cape Town for superior quality.

We will design a bathroom you will be proud of. Incorporated with mirrors, decorative accents, glass, and lights, you won’t believe the new look. Our professional designers will deliver a bathroom that meets your needs; including privacy and accessibility. Our designers can also help create more space in your bathroom. A professional Cape Town plumber is used to install the bath, shower, toilet, basin and accessories when doing a bathroom renovations.

Space Planning

You need to control traffic flow in your home. How flexible and accessible are your rooms? How do your maximize productivity in your rooms? Our designers can help you manage and place your home space based on your needs. First, it all starts with a floor plan. We will work closely with you to determine your dream home. We will then create a living design and will create maximum space for accessibility.

Space planning involves the creation of a well-thought furniture plan. How you arrange furniture in your rooms matters a lot. We have a professional team of designers to help you with your furnishing. We will provide you with a furniture plan that guarantees easy flow and accessibility to your rooms.

Interior Design

This service entails designing your entire home. This is a complete make-over to your home. Interior design involves remodeling your living room, kitchen, bathroom, porch, among other rooms. Are you tired of your home design? Grab this chance to redesign your home to a new, amazing and elegant home completely.

When offering this service, we completely redesign your windows, doors, cabinets, sinks, faucets and any other home facility we feel necessary. We, however, do this to meet your personal needs. After we get your idea, we work to deliver on it.