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    If you want to remodel your home, Chez Les Filles is committed to making it new and fresh. We are your number one partner for all your interior design needs. Our company will help you create a beautiful home, one room at a time.

    A home is one of the greatest investments you can ever make. Living in a beautifully designed home is everyone’s dream. At Chez Les Filles, we take pride in creating unique and beautifullyfinished homes. Our home remodeling services include bathroom remodeling, kitchen design, tile & countertops, cabinets, flooring, and furnishings.

    Who We Are

    Chez Les Filles is home to the best interior designers in South Africa. With over 40 year’s experience, we are a top-ranked interior design and home remodeling company within South Africa.

    Our interior designers are locally-based, well-trained, experienced and innovative. We take pride in offering unique interior designs. With just a call, we will provide you with the most talented interior designers in your area.

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    Interior Design

    We offer a comprehensive interior design service which entails all your interior architectural, furnishing and décor needs.



    We transform your bathrooms to a calm, relaxation place. We offer the best bathroom remodeling and design services.



    We offer kitchen designs that exceed your expectations. Our services include kitchen remodeling, renovations, and designs.

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    We invest a lot in offering unique and most innovative interior design solutions. We use the latest and sophisticated interior design materials for great and amazing finishes.



    We guarantee transparency and accountability. We are trustworthy and committed to delivering on our promises. We consult extensively before any decision-making.


    Team Work

    By working as a team, we deliver more than you can get from individual technicians. We combine a collection of strengths and talents from our members to form a strong interior design team.


    Dining Room 002 Benefits of Using Software in Interior Design March 28, 2016 - There are multiple benefits of using the software applications to design the interiors of a home. This is an important factor for everyone to consider when you want to remodel your home. Change is always as good as new, therefore having a few changes with the help of software is very important. The advantages will […]

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